Battlefront Heroes - NPCs

Construct your military fortress and raise a powerful army! Battle other players as you fight for precious resources. Join alliances with players from all over the world and move up the ranks!


  • Real time combat with other players around the world
  • Train powerful units such as the Flamethrower, Mech, Battlecruiser and the mighty Robo
  • Construct defenses like the Howitzer, Railgun, and Laser Cannon
  • Create or join alliances with your friends and other players online
  • Start with a small military base and upgrade it to an impenetrable fortress


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Gosu Group is a Beijing-based web and mobile games studio comprised of a veteran team of developers who have launched award-winning hits such as SimCity Social, My Empire, and Country Story.

* Gosu (고수)  n. Korean _ a highly skilled gamer

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Sanlitun, Beijing, China

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